Terms & Conditions

1. These terms of use, read together with the privacy policy which can be found on the website, constitute a legal and binding contract between you the User of the one part, and Health Amigo of the other part (the Agreement) providing, among other things, the terms and conditions for use of website, software hosted and managed remotely and its services rendered through website. The site www.healthamigo.in is owned and operated by Health amigo private limited.

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3. A condition of the Users use of and access to the website, software and services provided by HEALTHAMIGO to Users in the User’s acceptance of this Agreement. Any User that does not agree with any provision of the same is required to leave this computer resource/ the website immediately and discontinue use of all services.

4. Use of any information or materials on this website is entirely at your own risk, for which we shall not be liable. It shall be your own responsibility to ensure that any services or information available through this website meet your requirements.

5. Doctors:- I give my consent for information about myself, my health and my current medications including, but not limited to, the information I divulge as part of the consultation forms to be viewed and exchanged by and between and a Doctor working for ‘Health amigo’ for the purpose of conducting a medical consultation. I understand this information may be exchanged electronically. You warrant and undertake that all information provided by you in our consultation forms given is correct and true and that you have not withheld any information that may endanger you, your treatment or prognosis. All medicines prescribed will be based on the consultation completed by doctor. Therefore, we take no liability for loss, damage or any side effects of drugs arising from our service or medication prescribed.

6. Skilled Nursing Care: – Given by registered nurse, they teach your care givers about your care and provide you direct care and they manage observe & evaluate your care. Any services that could be done safely by non medical person without supervision of a nurse, isn’t skilled nursing care.

7. Physiotherapy:- Therapy and its advice must be specific , safe & presented by specialist or registered doctor will only be encouraged complex and unsafe ,self medicated prescription will not be encourage. Any bodily damage or any other form of damage to you or your surroundings, company will not be responsible for same.

8. Counseling:-These services are covered when given under direction of doctor to help you with special & emotional concern related to your illness. This might include counseling or help finding resources in your comment.

9. Home Care: – Resources used during can doorstep Health Care has to be supplied by customers & Health Care attendant or company is not liable for its lost, damage,breakdown, or any happening.

10. Any behaviorally abnormalities by customer, relatives during treatment or services, company will stop providing Health Care services at doorstep immediately & no refund/services will be rendered thereafter to customer.

11. Chargeable: – Any extra services provided by employee apart from consulting like injection, procedures, investigation, use of instruments, devices etc will not be included in the visit/ consulting.

12. Basic Equipment:- Consulting for doctors includes examine history talking, examination using stethoscope, BP instrument & basic necessary equipment’s needed will only be included.

13. Charges for subsequent follow ups & treatment will be levied accordingly. During your doorstep visit unnecessary wastage of time of service provider will be charged extra as per rules of the company. Kindly be on time or at a place during appointment unnecessary delay will charge you extra.

14. Fraud: – Any fraud call, visits booking, fake identity will be under cyber crime law punishable.

Health Amigo accepts doctors ,medical practitioners, nurses and other health workers by verifying their certificates of qualification ,certificates provided by medical council and their identity Proofs.
"Health Amigo" will take no liability and not responsible for if any Neglegance, Misdiagnosis, Delayed diagnosis, medication error of doctors ,medical practitioners, nurses and other health workers.